I started blogging in January of 2016. I was excited to have a place to share my thoughts and ideas, and things that I love.

After blogging for 10 months, someone asked me¬†some questions; basically, “Are you just blogging things that will be popular? Are you just trying to fit in with the other bloggers, or are you blogging things that really mean something to you?”.

At the time, I was really upset–because it was true. I was giddy with the positivity I had been receiving. I was up to over one hundred blog followers.

But after that all I could think of was Professor Baer talking to Jo March in the movie Little Women. He said, “There is more to you than that….if you have the courage to write it.”

I felt like God was prompting me to really dig deeper, and focus on the more meaningful things of life. It’s so easy to take our eyes off of Him and why should I continue to put meaningless things in people’s lives, when I could be putting encouragement to live for God?

She Purposed in Her Heart is a paraphrase of Daniel 1 : 8 where Daniel “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself…”. I made the paraphrase years ago and never even thought that I could use it for something.

But when I was praying about whether I should continue posting on my old blog and just change the content or start on a fresh slate, I said, “God, if you want me to start a new blog, You’ll have to give me a name for it.”

He brought my mind, miraculously, to a simple line I had come up with almost ten years ago. And I think it sums up what life is about.

Everyday we need to determine to follow Christ, whatever the cost, wherever He calls us to, and I am going to share some of my life story and lessons I’ve learned from the Bible to try to help other girls out there like me.


img_5508Megan was born and raised in NY and moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where she lives with her parents and six siblings. She is a homeschool graduate who loves playing piano, reading, watercolor painting, healthy eating, and a host of other craft- and history-related things. While she considers herself simply a Bible-believing Christian, her beliefs mainly line up with Baptist doctrines.