How to Decide What Goals to Make for the New Year


2017 is literally right around the corner, and it is daunting to think of what you want the next year to look like.

The thing we have to remember is, as Christians, we should be living in a way that honors God, and we should want to follow the plan that He has made for our life.

So how can we accomplish all that we can in the next year while still following God’s leading? Continue reading


Honor Thy Father and Mother : Staying at Home as a Young Adult (by a Young Adult)


To be honest, sometimes it just gets a tad bit….what’s the word…..troubled. When you have two parents and then two almost-grown-adults, sometimes there’s conflicting interests.

What’s a girl to do?

People in Christian circles generally make no fuss about a boy who stands up to his parents, decides things for himself, and charges ahead. After all, the guys have to be the initiators, the protectors and leaders….and I don’t mind that!

But….what about us–girls? Continue reading

Renewing Your Sense of God’s Goodness


I sunk my head into my hands. Why was I feeling down when I had every reason to be happy?

My health was good; I had family who cared about me; I had three meals a day (plus snacks) and all the sleep I wanted. I had my piano, art, and crafting stuff, and clothes and shoes galore.

But you’ll notice that all the things I had to be happy about, were all things to do with this earth.

The problem is, life is about more than what we see now. You can never be happy until you rejoice in God’s goodness, and only about Him. Continue reading

Should I Become a Missionary?


I always found it rather surprising in my Christian circles that people were so quick to praise the foreign missionary or the preacher but never gave a thought to the people who ministered where they were.

Should you become a missionary? Is it the highest calling a Christian can find?

I used to think so…..but not anymore. Not necessarily. Just hear me out. Continue reading

Delve into the Meaning: Psalm 37


Psalm 37 is familiar to a lot of people; it’s one of my favorites, especially the first passage.

The first seven verses are, to me, the sum, the plan of walking with the Lord.

What should we do? Fret not, trust, do good, delight in the Lord, commit ourselves to Him, rest in the Lord, and wait for Him to work.

But what do some of those words really mean, in Biblical language? What did God mean by them? Continue reading

Should I Feel Comfortable In My Church?


I recently had someone mention to me that they don’t feel comfortable in their church, which reminded me of what I used to feel.

Church hopping is something most of us have done, whether there was a church split, you felt God was moving you on, or, like my family, you moved around 500 miles from by Lockport, NY, to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

For weeks we visited first one church and then the other; I remember the awkwardness of trying to decide, “Is this the church for us?” Continue reading

6 Ways to Freshen up Your Bible Reading


One well-known part of a verse says, “Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read…”–Isaiah 34:16a

Bible reading is important in order to know the mind of Christ, to change us into His Spirit, to equip us for Spiritual battles, and to be a good witness to those around us.

And yet, that morning, I flipped aimlessly through my Bible. What was I supposed to read?

I had got in the habit of just opening it and reading whatever I felt like, but then I was reading several chapters repetitively, and missed reading a whole bunch of passages. Continue reading

Popular or Purposeful?


I looked at my WordPress notifications with a smile; I was over a hundred followers in less than a year. That’s pretty good for a first-time blogger and I know my Pinterest account hadn’t had nearly as much fame.

Then it happened : someone had a conversation with me. Someone who was simply concerned with what I was allowing myself to do and where I was going. And they asked me if I was truly blogging what I felt God wanted me to, if I thought what I was putting on there was a good testimony. Continue reading